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As of July 2022 I am not taking new clients.

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Crisis resources can be found on the Resources page.
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You deserve respect

Are you feeling like there's no one to lean on -- like you’re going through stresses and bearing the burden alone? Have you tried to talk with friends or family, and nobody seems to understand? Do people dismiss your concerns or try to fix without really hearing what you have to say? Are you uncomfortable talking with anyone because you’re embarrassed, or afraid people will think less of you or think you’re a failure?

I know how important it is to feel heard. In my practice I take time to listen and to understand your concerns. 

If and when you're ready to talk about uncomfortable subjects, I'm ready to listen.

I'm here to listen without judgment

Whatever issues or concerns are interfering with your life, it can be hard to discuss them when you're afraid of being judged. Culture, family, friends, even you yourself may be challenging who you are and how you’re living your life.

Whether you're coming to therapy by yourself or with a partner, I work to provide an environment where you will be accepted and respected and can feel comfortable talking openly about your personal experience. Once you feel heard and understood, then together we can address the issues you're bringing to therapy and I can support you as you take steps to move on with your life.

Robert Clarke MFT Couples Counselor



Conflict Resolution


Robert Clarke MFT Therapy


Anxiety   Depression

RobertClarkeMFT EMDR/Trauma
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Couples and Individuals


I offer therapy for a range of issues, but clients primarily seek my services for help with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and personal development. I find that focusing exclusively on problems can make it hard to see solutions. When things aren’t working, the solution often comes down to having the right tools and believing in yourself enough to take the necessary steps to move forward. I engage my clients in thoughtful and challenging conversations with the goal of uncovering that forgotten confidence, those hidden skills, and with a focus on what IS working.

How can I help?

I don't charge a fee for new client consultation sessions because I believe it's important for you to decide for yourself if I'm the right therapist for you. Please contact me if you're interested in scheduling a consultation.

To Schedule a Consultation:

Please enter your information in this form to request a free online consultation. Because email is not guaranteed to be confidential, I will contact you to discuss your request in more detail. 

Robert Clarke MFT

Not accepting new clients.

Text:  747-273-4618

Online therapy only.
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