Therapy for Individuals


Are you tired of strong emotions like anxiety or depression holding you back and getting in the way of your life? Does it seem like these feelings are sucking the joy out of your relationships? Is it hard to enjoy the present moment because your mind is somewhere else, stuck in thoughts of the past or future? Are you feeling like you're always looking over your shoulder or waiting for the other shoe to drop? Does it seem you're dragging an anchor around or only living at half-speed?


The good news is that help is available. Research shows that therapy not only works but that clients surveyed years later, still are experiencing the gains made in therapy. 

You can learn ways to reduce the impacts of stresses and get your life and relationships back on track. I find that having the right tools, understanding the sources of emotions like anxiety and depression, and having the confidence that you have power over them, can be very effective in helping to limit their impacts.

Imagine getting your energy back, being in the present, and being able to focus on the things in life that give you joy.

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Some of the issues that my clients bring to therapy:

  • Anxiety / Stress

  • Depression

  • Non-Traditional Relationships

  • LGBTQ+ Issues

  • Relationship / Marriage Counseling

  • Divorce

  • Sexual Issues

  • Men's issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Mid-Life / Retirement Issues

  • Grief

  • Work stress

I want to help you bring your focus back to the present. My goal is to help you make the changes you want in your life and then live it. I'm an accepting and supportive therapist and I've worked to provide a calm space where you can share your concerns and be yourself without fear of judgment.

Please contact me to schedule a free consultation.