Life Transitions

Life is about transitions and sometimes these changes in our lives cause us significant stress or discomfort. Even some happy events like getting married or having a child can be stressful in their own way. Other things like the death of a loved one, getting a new job, retiring, even graduating from college or getting a new home can be stressful.

Whether you're feeling stressed because changes were sudden and unexpected, or they feel more significant than you anticipated, you may find that your usual coping mechanisms aren't working. Changes can result in serious feelings of anxiety or depression or milder feelings of discomfort. Sometimes clients tell me things like, "I feel like I'm floating," or "I don't have a place to stand," or "Things just seem different."

Adjusting to a new phase of your life can take some time and may take a new perspective. It might involve grieving about what you lost. People often have skills that can help but it hasn't occurred to them to apply those to this kind of circumstance. 


You can get back to a place where you feel like yourself; like you're grounded and back in command of your life.

Robert Clarke MFT Therapy

Some of the Life Transitions that might be causing you distress:

Marriage / Divorce

Births / Deaths

New Job / Job loss

Children moving out.

Children moving in.


Graduation / School


Changing careers

I'd like to help you learn new ways to cope, leverage the skills you already have, get through this transition, and get on to your life. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation.