• Robert Clarke MFT

Thankful for what?

During the holiday season we’re encouraged to do two things: buy lots of stuff and give thanks.

I think that most of us are very successful at the first (even if it puts us in debt) and not so great at the second.

It seems to me that our culture is one of the “glass half empty.” We're encouraged to complain and worry about what we don’t have (hence the shopping). We compare ourselves to others and tell ourselves that If only I had X, then I’d be happy. Every year (or every week or month or day), X is something different, depending on what we see in the media or what our neighbors have.

In my mind, giving thanks is about what we already have, and there is plenty. For example, if you’re reading this blog post I can assume that you have internet and a device such as a cellphone or computer. I can also assume you have some sort of power to run the phone, etc., and that you’re alive and you can read. All of those things are taken for granted when we’re taught to only want more.

How about taking a moment to think about what you already have? In fact, I’d encourage you to take stock and practice being thankful every day.

According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, research shows that spending daily time on gratitudes increases happiness. Look at time 11:09 in this video (Link Here) to see what he says about research and things that make us happy.

Here some things that I’m thankful for:

A comfortable place to live with a roof over my head, a bed and heating. A car, a job. Access to fresh food and clean water. Clean air. Clothing. Friends and family. A safe neighborhood. Electricity, internet, a computer. My health.

What are you thankful for? What things do you have that you take for granted?

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