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TeleHealth or TeleMed is the industry name for on-line therapy -- video therapy sessions over the Internet when you and I are in different locations. I offer on-line video sessions using a fully HIPAA Compliant service with a secure connection between my computer and your computer or tablet or smart-phone. 

If you're interested in TeleHealth, please contact me and we can discuss whether it is appropriate for your situation.

TeleHealth Advantages:
  • You don't have to come to my office (you don't need to drive here, or worry about how you look, or sit in the waiting room).

  • All you need is a quiet private place, a fast and reliable Internet connection, and a smart-phone, or a computer or tablet with a microphone and camera.

  • You can participate in a session from almost anywhere. (Currently limited to California.)

  • You might have more flexibility with appointment times (if you have privacy, you don't have to leave your home or office).

  • We can conduct sessions even if you are ill or confined to your bed.

  • I offer both 50-minute and shorter 25-minute TeleHealth therapy sessions.

TeleHealth Disadvantages:
  • A TeleHealth session is not the same as an in-person session. Sitting in front of your computer or talking into your smart-phone is not the same as sitting across from someone in the same room. This may or may not be a disadvantage for you -- some people prefer on-line sessions.

  • A TeleHealth session may not be appropriate for your situation. Depending on the issues you bring to therapy, TeleHealth may not be a good choice.

  • You must have a reliable and fast Internet connection and a smart-phone, computer, or tablet.