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Finding the right therapist...

Not every therapist is right for every client. In fact, research shows that a significant predictor of success in therapy is the relationship between the client and therapist. In other words, your success in therapy is more likely if you feel comfortable with your therapist.


If you were looking for a surgeon, you would probably get a second or even third opinion. The same thing is important when you're looking for a therapist. I encourage you to do your due-diligence and find a therapist that is right for you. Be aware that different therapists might be right for you depending on what you are going through in your life. 


If you are comfortable telling people you are looking for a therapist, you might want to ask friends, family members, or coworkers for recommendations. Keep in mind that a therapist that was perfect for someone else might not be perfect for you.

At the top of this page are links to several websites where you can locate therapists who might be a match for you. Some offer free consultations so that you can see if you feel a connection before spending any money. These sites allow you to search by location as well as other things such as insurance, gender, specialty, etc.

Things to think about when looking for a therapist...

1. What are your goals for therapy?

2. Will you be using insurance for therapy? What can you afford to pay? (Some therapists offer a sliding scale and reduced fees for clients in need.)

2. What location do you prefer? Near home? Near the office?

4. How far are you willing to travel to see a therapist?

5. Do you have a personal preference regarding age, gender, language spoken, etc?

6. What qualifications are important to you?

7. Is a particular type of therapy important to you?

Questions to consider when interviewing a therapist:

1. What are your qualifications?

2. What is your experience?

3. Do you have specialties?

4. What type of therapy do you practice and how would you describe your approach?

5. Have you worked with clients with my issue before?

6. Have you worked with my demographic before?

7. What is your estimate of the time it will take to reach my goals?

8. How long is a session and what is the cost?

9. How often do you usually see clients?

10. How do I know that therapy is working?

11. How will you know when we're done with therapy?

Remember that you don't have to choose a therapist for life. Your therapist wants to provide a service for you but can't do a good job if they don't know that something isn't working. Be clear with your therapist about what is and isn't working for you. If you don't feel like you are seeing a change or getting what you need from your therapist, tell her or him and have a conversation. Then if you need to, find someone who is a better match for you.

Please contact me to request a free consultation.


Robert Clarke MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

LMFT #91187

Laguna Woods, CA


Robert Clarke MFT
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